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TESK: Retail Law must be regulated

TESK President Bendevi Palandöken stated that rules should be established in trade to protect small traders and prevent discount scams and said, “The Retail Law must be regulated.”

The President of the Confederation of Turkish Tradesmen and Craftsmen (TESK), Bendevi Palandöken, stated that there should be rules in trade to protect small tradesmen and prevent discount scams, and said, “The Retail Law must be regulated.”

In its written statement, Palandoken stated that the difference between the shelf and the box price shook the consumer’s confidence.

Emphasizing that the price difference between the shelf and the safe cannot be avoided by imposing a fine, Palandöken said, “For this, the law regulating the retail sector should be updated.”


Palandoken said, “The regulation for sales on e-commerce was good. With a similar arrangement in the retail sector, this problem will be eliminated and not everyone will be able to do everything. If thousands of products for all sectors are sold in a store, the prices are not updated in a timely manner. What needs to be done for this is that not everyone should be able to sell every product, they should do their own business.”

Noting that price instability affects all segments negatively, Palandöken emphasized that price increases in chain markets directly concern all segments from citizens to tradesmen, from suppliers to final consumers.

Underlining that commercial regulation is a must for citizens to be able to shop comfortably, Palandöken noted that a system should be implemented where the consumer can buy quality products at a cheaper price.


Noting that the campaigns made in a way that attracts the customers on the shelves, stands and advertisements do not reflect the truth, Palandöken said, “In the past, permission was obtained from professional organizations during discount seasons. Now they are making campaigns to attract customers with certain products on the shelves, stands, advertisements and discount brochures. One day, you see that a product worth 100 liras has dropped to 30 liras. There cannot be such a profit margin,” he said.

Emphasizing that rules should be established in trade in order to protect small traders and prevent discount scams, Palandöken said:

“The era of commerce over the internet has begun. It is impossible to resist this technology. Therefore, regulation can only be made by setting certain rules. In this context, the regulation in e-commerce has been very good in some areas. The Retail Law, which we have been focusing on for years as the Confederation, must be regulated in order to ensure the survival of our small traders and to prevent discount scams.” (AA)

Source From: Sozcu

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