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An ecosystem of world-class tourism projects is consolidated in Cartagena

Several groups of investors and strategic allies have dedicated themselves to consolidating a luxury tourism and entertainment offer in the capital of Bolívar. / Courtesy A. COHEN

Photo: Courtesy A.COHEN

Despite the hard blow that local tourism received in the pandemic, today the sector is recovering. In the first half of 2022, at Cartagena More than 1.6 million people entered, double the arrivals reported in similar destinations such as San Andrés and Santa Marta. Likewise, the average hotel occupancy in the last semester was 68%, 32% more than in 2021. In other words, in Cartagena there will always be demand and the supply needs to be of quality.

That is why the Promoter A.COHEN and FYBCO, together with several groups of investors and strategic allies, has dedicated itself to consolidating a luxury tourism and entertainment offer in the capital of Bolívar. Proof of this is the system of hotels, restaurants, shopping center and beach club that the promoter group has promoted and is developing in Cartagena.

“The visitor of Cartagena you deserve the best service. With our investors we have built unique experiences for locals and tourists. Our ultimate goal is to surprise visitors so that they take away the best memories of Colombia and want to return. For this reason, we are committed to a comprehensive offer that offers a high-level stay, differentiated shopping and cultural centers, varied gastronomy and memorable, native entertainment,” says Aaron Cohen, general manager of the Promotion girl.

a unique offer

The iconic La Serrezuela Shopping Center has become the Promotora’s flagship project and a benchmark for La Heroica. This world-award-winning architectural monument transformed the economic and tourist behavior of the Historic Center of Cartagena. It is a commercial space of more than 30 thousand m2 that revived the remembered bullring and turned it into the most important space for commercial and cultural exchange in the Center. La Serrezuela has 100 stores, mostly internationally recognized brands and a large and complete gastronomic and training offer.

Proof of this is the Gastronomic Plaza that the Shopping Center has, called El Tentadero, which has 7 gastronomy offers. This space was designed as a food hall of the highest level with capacity for 700 people. They are about to open a new revolutionary gastronomic offer under the name of Sabine Bistro & Lounge, an American bistro with a speak easy proposal and a bar.

Since its construction, La Serrezuela tripled the profitable area of ​​commercial premises in the center of Cartagena. It is traveled by 200 thousand monthly visitors on average and in July 2022 it registered an increase of 33% in traffic, compared to 2021. Now, they hope to exceed the figure with 300 thousand average monthly visitors, consolidating itself as the obligatory stop of the City. .

This is just the spearhead of the Promoter in Cartagena. The Promoter A.Cohen and Fybco, They have concentrated efforts on creating other extraordinary spaces that are important today in the luxury tourist offer.

Beginning with the contact with the fun and the local rumba that foreigners can experience in the nationally recognized restaurant Andrés Carne de Res. The Promoter, together with a group of investors, bet him to run a franchise of “Andrés” and house him in La Serrezuela for that the foreign visitor does not stay with the desire of a rumba of that level and quality, which before was only the privilege of those who visited Bogotá. With “Andrés” in La Heroica, they get the complete Colombian experience.

Then, just four blocks from the iconic Shopping Center is the Bastión Luxury Hotel, which has 51 rooms and is operated by the GHL chain, a strategic ally of The Promoter. Due to the great reception that this hotel had, being the one with the highest penetration rate in the market and maintaining an average pre-pandemic occupancy of over 80% and this year exceeding that by more than 4 percentage points, they recently launched the expansion of Bastión , and will make up the widest range of rooms, meeting and leisure rooms and gastronomic offer in the walled city.

In Bastión, there is also one of the best ranked restaurants in the city: El Gobernador. This is a restaurant with signature cuisine where local and international products are combined, following the line of avant-garde gastronomy fused with the aromas of the region’s own ingredients. Its name evokes the stately character that Cartagena.

Another lodging alternative, with the Promoter’s seal of quality, is the Anandá Hotel Boutique (this one is operated by Cosmos), which is located in the heart of the historic center and has 23 rooms designed for senior executives, groups, weddings and couples who they want a warm and romantic atmosphere.

And in order to complement the Cartagena experience, the Promoter built a Beach Club on the island of Tierra Bomba, the largest and most complete in the city and the island area: Makani Luxury Beach Club, also operated by GHL. Just 15 minutes from Cartagenathis is a natural space of 2.5 hectares facing the sea, with the capacity to receive more than 300 people a day and events of up to 800 people.

It is articulated through an exquisite but calm architecture and design of tropical plants and gardens that harmonize with a natural environment and the sublime sound of the turquoise Caribbean sea. Makani offers an eclectic diversity of dishes cooked with fresh, responsible and locally sourced ingredients, complemented by a variety of refreshing drinks that pay homage to the exciting cocktail culture. Under construction, and estimated for the end of this year, the first 14 of 30 rooms that complement the beach club offer will open.

It has been built as a team

Of course the offer Promoter A. Cohen in Cartagena it has only been possible to consolidate it with the help of key allies that have allowed it to expand more and more, being FYBCO its strategic partner.

Likewise, the universe of investors who have trusted in La Promotora’s projects has been important and the backbone for its development. And it is that the profitability of the projects speaks of the good business that it is to invest in them. For example, the investors of the Bastión Luxury hotel have obtained a return of up to 14% in the years of best sales, with significant projections of post-pandemic growth, as well as those of MAKANI, which we hope to finish the first year of operation with superior profitability. at 8% EA and even in years of growth and stabilization.

In the case of La Serrezuela, the promoter has stood by the investors, working daily to recover from the strong impact of the pandemic, but confident and convinced of the soundness of the project and its growth and stabilization in the coming years. years. It is noteworthy that the promoter group remains as a partner in all its development projects and leads its stabilization and growth.

investments through the Promotion girl they are made through the acquisition of fiduciary rights. “Through fiduciary rights, we want to democratize participation in luxury real estate projects,” he described Cohen.

Source: Elespectador

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