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Request for improvement in personal rights from tax inspectors

Ahmet Halis Başli, Chairman of the Tax Inspectors Association, stated that the personnel rights of tax inspectors should at least be restored to the personnel rights of the Auditors of the Court of Accounts.

In a press conference held in a restaurant, Başli said that President Tayyip Erdoğan, as a result of his determined struggle against the bureaucratic oligarchy in 2011, gathered the inspection units under one roof and built the Tax Inspection Board, and with this reform, the multi-headed auditing was eliminated.

Noting that tax inspectors are subjected to tough trainings that last 3-5 years from the date of entry to the profession and to tough exams held as a result of these trainings, Başli stated that they also represent the most important and most competent auditing power of the state in every sense, especially legislation, auditing and merit. .


Asking for the improvement of their economic situation, especially salary, compensation and additional indicators, Başli said, “The personal rights of tax inspectors should at least be restored to the personal rights of the Auditors of the Court of Accounts.”

Noting the effect of tax inspectors on preventing tax evasion, Başli stated that they also took part in the anti-inflation team formed by the Ministry of Treasury and Finance, and they supervised exorbitant price increases in many sectors such as automotive and food.

Reminding that 25 billion liras of tax evasion was detected with the Iron Fist Operation, Başli explained that the companies or persons where the irregularities were detected keep the records of their tax transactions and that they do not have the opportunity to engage in similar initiatives again.


Tax Inspectors Association General Treasurer Yusuf Cihad Demet said that the salaries of the professionals should be increased and personal rights should be provided under the name of “additional audit compensation”.

Demet also stated that the profession of inspector should be evaluated in a separate table under the name of audit services class. (AA)

Source From: Sozcu

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