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Sugar beet purchase price announced

Minister of Agriculture and Forestry Kirişci announced that the purchase price of sugar beet was 1450 liras per ton with an increase of 245 percent.

Minister of Agriculture and Forestry, Vahit Kirişci, stated that this year, the purchase price of sugar beet increased by 245 percent to 1450 liras per ton.

In his speech at the Kars Sugar Beet Purchase Campaign Ceremony, Minister Kirişci stated that sugar beet agriculture has gained more importance for the country as sugar is among the strategic products.

Expressing that Turkey ranks fifth in the world and fourth in Europe, with an annual production of approximately 2.5 million tons of sugar made from sugar beet, Kirişci said:

“We stand at a level that ensures our supply security in sugar production. Although the seed, which is the most important element of sugar beet production, is produced in our country, parent lines are imported. The production amount of sugar beet seeds at the certified level reached 2 thousand 122 tons in 2021. This amount produced more than meets the country’s needs. Our adequacy ratio in sugar beet seed production is 183 percent. For the security of supply in sugar beet, it is important that the parental lines used in the seeds produced at the certified level are met from domestic and national sources.


Minister Kirişci stated that positive results have been obtained from the studies on cultivar breeding related to sugar beet seeds in recent years and said, “Türkiye Şeker Fabrikaları A.Ş. Two varieties named ‘TÜRKŞEKER 2023’ and ‘TÜRKŞEKER 2053’ were developed by the Sugar Institute. Good luck to our country and our nation. In order for these developed varieties to enter into trade, they were registered to the National Variety List on 28.01.2022 within the framework of the Seed Law No. 5553 and production permits were obtained. Turkey Sugar Factories Inc. Diversity, uniformity and stability tests of these cultivars, for which production permission has been obtained, are continuing. According to the results of these tests, the final registration will be made and the registration process continues.” he said.

Announcing the purchase prices of sugar beet this year, Kirişci said, “We are announcing the purchase price of sugar beet this year as 1400 liras per ton. good luck. In addition, 50 TL per ton of quota completion premium will be given to our producers who have completed the beet production quota. Thus, the purchase price of sugar beet increased by 245 percent and became 1450 liras per ton. Good luck.” used his statements. (AA)

Source From: Sozcu

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