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Earthquake under Pornhub: CEO Antoon and COO Tassillo resign

Pornhub, one of the most popular adult content platforms in the world. Following reports of flaws in the content moderation system to block videos featuring minors and without consentFeras Antoon, CEO of MindGeek, owner of Pornhub, and David Tassillo, COO, have resigned.

According to Sputnik News; A company spokesperson noted that management changes have been planned at MindGeek for nearly a year, while Antoon and Tassillo will continue to be shareholders in the company.


Pornhub has long been criticized for hosting videos of minors, sexual assault victims and adults without consent. Although it has a policy to prevent this, an article published in the New Yorker recently described the struggle of underage teenage girls whose videos were posted on Pornhub to remove them.

Earlier, The Verge reported on the experience that a former Pornhub moderator wanted to delete the offending videos, but the videos kept reappearing.

Pornhub has already been sued for continuing to post videos without consent. The platform then started deleting videos from unapproved users, but this was not enough to prevent the sharing of videos from minors and non-consenting people.

Source Cumhuriyet

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