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Instagram fixes repeat story bug

Several users noticed that after abandoning the use of the camera on Instagram, it was still active.

Photo: Andrew Harrer

Instagram has deployed an update to resolve the ‘bug’ or failure that forced users of the iOS application to view stories and views of their contacts, which reappeared again as if it were new content.

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Since Monday, several users of the social network reported this error in the application through platforms such as Twitter or Reddit, where they commented that when another user published a new story, the application took them directly to the first ‘storie’, instead of to the most recently uploaded content.

In this way, this bug has prevented users from picking up the stories where they left off and, instead, has forced them to repeat their viewing in a loop until after 24 hours of publication.

Following this issue, Meta spokeswoman Christine Pai assured The Verge that the company was “aware” that some people were having trouble accessing Instagram Stories.

Now, from this same medium they have reported that Instagram has solved this problem by showing repeated stories to iOS users by updating 239.1, which is already available in the App Store.

In the description of this new version of the application, Instagram has pointed out that the update contains “bug fixes and performance improvements”, which suggests that it would have fixed this bug in the application.

Source: Elespectador

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