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A farmer awaits seed support: “The bill will be too heavy for our country”

President Akcan said that this year, due to the high rate of increase in input prices, support for the use of certified seed is expected to increase at a higher rate than ever.

Akcan, whose views were included in TÜRKTOB’s written statement, said:

“Even as procurement prices rise, the process of shrinking grain acreage and the risk of drought continues. The increase in productivity of at least 25 percent brought about by certified seed is more important than ever. should not be forgotten that grain prices also directly affect seed prices. Grain purchase prices this year are about 3 percent compared to last year.

Our farmer expects support for the use of certified seed to grow at the same rate and be paid on time. A reduction in the use of certified seeds means a reduction in yield and quality, and the cost will be very heavy for our country.


Akcan said that the production of Certified Seed in Turkey is increasing every year, and since the establishment of TÜRKTOB in 2008, the production of Certified Seed has increased by 460% to reach 1 million 325,000 tons.

Noting that farmers’ awareness of the use of certified seed has increased through training and publications, Akcan said: “The price policy is very important for the continuation of the current increase in production and the use of certified seeds, which is one of the essential elements in terms of food security. The increase in grain purchase prices will naturally also affect seed prices. As a private sector, we will do our part, as always, to ensure that our growers do not give up Certified seed. We are the sector that increases its prices are the lowest among agricultural inputs,” he said.

Akcan said that the grain seed prices to be announced by the General Directorate of Agricultural Enterprises (TİGEM) should be determined taking into account the increase in input costs so that the private seed sector, which operates under the rules of the free market and competition, is not to dampen the enthusiasm of the production which increases each year.


Akcan continued his remarks as follows:

“Costs of seed production, like other agricultural products, are affected by increases in all factors of production such as diesel, fertilizers, pesticides, water, energy and labor. In addition, the seed preparation processes such as screening, packaging, spraying, labeling cost our seed company 35% more. which requires know-how, which must be accompanied by a pricing policy.

This situation results in an additional cost of approximately 10% for seed producers. It is important for the continuity of seed production to include the 20% profit sharing, which is accepted for all sectors, when determining grain seed prices. The seed prices announced by TİGEM are accepted as references in the market.

Public institutions can make losses if necessary, but the private sector is not so lucky. If we want to keep our farmers, who are part of an inseparable whole, in their fields and our seed sector in production, if we want to spread certified seed, which is the most important element of yield, and if TİGEM must put up a price, these sensitivities should not be ignored.

Source Cumhuriyet

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