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Let the German model be taken as an example in transportation

While there was a price hike in fuel every other day, a call was made for Turkey, like Germany, to switch to the cheap subscription application that encourages public transportation.

While the hike comes on top of the hike, the fuel prices skyrocket, the citizens in Turkey are left alone with the hikes in gasoline and diesel fuel. However, many developed countries in the world are trying to make their people breathe by implementing new tax supports.


With the addition of a special currency crisis to the global oil price increase, no steps are taken in this direction in Turkey, where the highest increases are observed. IYI Party Istanbul City Council member and IMM Transportation and Traffic Commission member Dr. Suat Sarı said that the 9 Euro monthly public transportation ticket application offered by Germany to its citizens should be implemented in Turkey as well. Sarı said, “The German government has given an incentive of 2.5 billion Euros to the public transport sector with a very smart application. In this period when fuel prices increased, it took a new initiative to use private vehicles that encourage public transportation. With this application, the more transportation shifts to public transportation, the less oil consumption will be.” Giving the information that “Germany has reduced the taxes on fuel by 0.3 Euros per liter,” Dr. Sarı said, “VAT and SCT of municipalities in public transportation in Turkey should be halved. Germany-like public transport incentive applications should be made”.

He will get more than he gives with the 9 Euro monthly card

After the 224 percent increase in gasoline and 239 percent increase in diesel fuel in the last 1 year, transportation in the city is burning more and more pockets for citizens. Iyi Party Local Administrations President Advisor Sarı said, “By distributing 9 Euros of cheap public transport cards per month to German citizens, they aim to get more than they give. Oil imported. Greater use of public transport reduces oil imports. Sarı added that Turkey’s monthly oil consumption is at the level of 2 million tons.

Source From: Sozcu

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