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Housing crisis in 81 cities

Rental prices in newly rented houses throughout Turkey increased by 150 percent compared to the previous year. Rents exceeding the minimum wage left the people facing a housing crisis.

While the average rental price for the newly rented houses in Turkey increased to 4 thousand 582 liras, the average rent in Istanbul exceeded 6 thousand 900. While the average rental price requested in Muğla for new rental housing advertisements was 9 thousand liras, the requested rental price in Antalya reached 8 thousand 500 liras. CHP Istanbul Deputy Gürsel Tekin made the rental housing map of 81 provinces in his evaluation on the rental advertisements on the real estate sites on the internet.


According to the research, while the rental prices of newly rented houses in Turkey increased by 150 percent in May compared to the previous year, the provinces with the highest increase in housing rents were Muğla, Antalya, Istanbul, Izmir and Aydın. Tekin stated that the rise in rent prices has left the people facing a housing crisis and said, “Today, the average rent in Istanbul is based on 7 thousand liras. At the end of the year, the average of new advertisements will reach 10 thousand liras. 85 percent of the citizens say that if the rent increase continues like this, they will have difficulty in paying the rent or they will not be able to pay it. We are facing a major housing crisis. If prices continue to rise in this way, the income of people living and working in big cities will not even be enough for rent. Rents in Istanbul and Izmir have already exceeded the minimum wage, Ankara is waiting on the threshold.”


Tekin said: “If this trend continues, a family with two employees cannot live in a house even with two salaries. As a result, thousands of people may become homeless, unable to live in the city they live in. The crisis will take on a new dimension in the autumn.

Landlord meets tenant

Saying that one of the reasons for the increase in housing prices is the negative real interest policy of the AKP, CHP Istanbul Deputy Gürsel Tekin said, “Houses have turned into a capital storage instrument. Today, capital owners are trying to secure their money against inflation by collecting houses. The second reason is citizenship in exchange for the sale of housing to foreigners,” he said. Gürsel Tekin said, “Increasing prices bring landlords and tenants face to face. “If this situation is not dealt with urgently, there will be a serious social problem before the winter months come,” he warned.

They could not renovate 7 million risky buildings in 20 years

They just made a profit

Stating that the main reason for the rent increases is the lack of healthy, qualified and quality housing supply, CHP Istanbul Deputy Gürsel Tekin said: “The construction and housing policy of the AKP has been clear for 20 years. rent. They took the lands of low-income groups, the lands they lived on, gave them to certain companies, produced a huge rent, and these companies offered residence-type housing to the high-income groups. Then they shared the rent and got rich. Approximately 7 million buildings in Turkey are in risky status. They couldn’t even renew it. However, with the resources used in 20 years, it was possible to renovate 7 million buildings and offer healthy, cheap and quality housing to our people.”

Source From: Sozcu

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