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Iliopoulos: SYRIZA strengthened and more massive – The message of political change strengthened

“SYRIZA won three elections with 30 thousand members”, said N. Iliopoulos expressing his optimism for the upcoming elections, after yesterday’s turnout of 172,000 members in the internal party ballots

“The result of yesterday’s electoral process of SYRIZA-PS. he justified us “pointed out Nassos Iliopoulos speaking on ERT television and clarified:” More than 150,000 citizens voted yesterday, more than 110,000 are the new members. It is not only organizational, the message we sent for political change in the country is political. “And now we are sure that we will be the backbone of the next government.”

The other one left, the liquidator is coming soon

“SYRIZA won three elections with 30 thousand members, with the current data we have every reason to be optimistic and happy”, he said on SKAI TV, while when asked about the campaign slogan if the bill went to the government, he answered characteristically: “The other one left, the liquidator is coming very soon.”

The spokesman stressed that “the next elections will be held by simple proportional representation, and no political force will be able to have autonomy – after all, whoever believes in simple proportional representation, believes in collaborations.”

“That is why we are talking as much and concretely as we can, addressing first of all the society and then all the democratic progressive forces. “The goal is for the government to change and for Mitsotakis to leave politics,” he stressed.

He also stressed: “We are fighting the battle to win the next elections, and we are fighting this battle programmatically, through our proposals for strengthening the welfare state and the NSS, for settling and writing off the pandemic debt, for supporting work ».

In fact, he pointed out that “in the period of multiple crises that we face, with the pandemic, the economic crisis that is still raging, the energy crisis, there can be no solutions from the ’80s and’ 90s”. “Today, the progressive demand for Greek society is expressed by SYRIZA-PS,” he added. “Houses with two employees can not pay bills,” noted N. Iliopoulos.

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Irritation in the SW

Elsewhere in his statements, and when asked about the internal party procedures of SYRIZA-PS. but also the criticism leveled by ND, he said the following: “The image of the conference gave us a message of hope from the first moment but also caused huge irritation in ND. The ND that when it went to elect a leader the system fell and postponed the process, let it be more careful when commenting on the processes of other parties. “Besides, he will need many more members to repay the 340 million euros he owes to the banks.”

“Yesterday’s election process really opens our party to society, enables it to have roots in institutions, associations, workplaces, neighborhoods. “Alexis Tsipras fully understands that we need a mass social party, and not just a successful leadership,” he said.

“We brought a series of changes and cuts with our electoral process. For the first time the members voted for the Central Committee, so it becomes an incentive to be a member. We choose to form a party of active members. “There is a key difference in how we operate and perceive key issues from other parties, for example the 50-50 – the equal participation of men and women in the Central Committee”, he pointed out, finally.

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