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Hazelnut growers expect ’50 TL base price’ amid rising costs

which is one of the most important livelihoods in the Black Sea region and 200 thousand tons In Ordu, which occupies the first place for the production of hazelnuts, the fight of the producers against the pests continues. The hazelnuts, which provide about $2 billion in foreign currency inflows across Turkey, can be found in the open market in Ordu. 35-37 TL strip, as producer price expectations for the 2022 season 50TL declared to be in the group.

Arslan Soydan, board member of the Union of Chambers of Agriculture of Turkey, said growers are continuing their work in the fight against hazelnuts despite rising costs. line, “Busy days have started for hazelnuts, which are one of the most important agricultural products in the Black Sea region. Today, our producers continue to work on the fight against hazel powdery mildew and on fertilization. Our producers are taking the necessary precautions, and after the next few days the fight against “hazel worms” will begin in the hazelnuts. In fact, our producers are waiting for difficult days and important works until our producers come to harvest the hazelnuts. mentioned.


“The costs and labor costs of fertilizers and pesticides have increased significantly in recent times.” Soydan said and continued as follows:

“Despite these high costs, hazelnut growers in our region are still doing their best to stay in the gardens and ensure their products are high quality and effective. Regarding the free market at the moment, the price per kilogram of hazelnuts in 2021 is determined by the hazelnut merchants. 35-37TL is caught in the band. TMO also nuts 41 pounds put up for sale in the group. For this reason, our growers’ expectations for hazelnut prices in 2022 are very high.

They hope that hazelnut prices will be good relative to costs, inflation and the dollar. For this reason, they take care of their gardens, and their requests and expectations are taken into account. 40-41TLCompared to the fact that you sold the hazelnuts from 2021 to 45-50 pounds They expect a base price in the band.


Reminiscent of a hazelnut export product and an annual contribution to the country’s economy. over $2 billion Stating that they provide foreign currency inflows, Soydan said, “It should be, our hazelnut is an export product, we export 85% of it and there is a foreign exchange contribution of more than 2 billion dollars in our country. Therefore, if this price is given in relation to this cost, our hazelnut growers will do better maintenance for the next few years. Our growers must win to protect their gardens” he said.

Source Cumhuriyet

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