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The license plate will be attached to the car. What awaits vehicle owners?

A license plate will be assigned to the car

The Ministry of Infrastructure announced that after purchasing a used car, it will be possible to keep the license plates. This means that it will be possible to submit an application for vehicle registration with a request to keep the current registration number, including the registration plate. This applies to vehicles that were previously registered in Poland.

Before we submit an application for assigning a license plate to the car we have purchased permanently, we must check its history to confirm that it was registered in Poland. Drivers also have this option in our application, where it is enough to enter the relevant vehicle data and verify its history – says Julia Langa, Yanosik.

The new owner of the vehicle will be able to keep the old car numbers, no matter what province it comes from. Unfortunately, illegible or damaged plates will be rejected by officials, who will receive a letter asking them to keep the car numbers.

We will save on this change

We usually had to pay PLN 80 for the issue of car plates. After entering the new arrangements, we will not only save on this fee, but also we will not have to pay for the control sticker, which costs about PLN 15.

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The new regulations are to enter into force on January 31, 2022.

Will we temporarily withdraw the vehicle from traffic?

The new regulations, planned for 2022, also take into account the possibility of temporary withdrawal of passenger cars from traffic. This provision will only apply to damaged vehicles. Unfortunately, in the case of temporarily unused passenger cars, this will not be possible.

Under what circumstances will it be possible to request the vehicle to be withdrawn from traffic?

Mainly in cases where it will be necessary to repair a car that has been damaged, e.g. as a result of a collision that significantly affected the load-bearing elements of the vehicle structure. Then it will be possible to withdraw the car from traffic for a period of 3 months to a year, but not earlier than 3 years from the previous date of its withdrawal from traffic.

– This is a change to the benefit of all owners of passenger cars that were heavily damaged as a result of a collision, but are not intended for scrapping. In a pandemic, the waiting time for the delivery of the necessary parts from manufacturers is significantly extended, and thus, the repair service of a heavily damaged vehicle may be extended. And in such a situation, the possibility of a temporary withdrawal of a passenger car from traffic will benefit the driver – comments Dawid Kaczmarowski, Yanosik Warsztaty.

Currently, it is possible to temporarily withdraw from traffic heavy goods vehicles, as well as trailers with a permissible total weight of 3.5 tons, as well as road tractors, special vehicles and buses.

How do I get my car back into service?

This process will require an additional technical inspection of the car that has already been repaired. The change is aimed at reducing the cost of car insurance, which should please all owners of cars submitted for withdrawal from traffic.

Unfortunately, the new regulations are not for all motorists. The catalog of vehicles that will be able to temporarily withdraw from traffic still lacks the option to deregister seasonal vehicles, such as campers, motorcycles or convertibles.

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Source From: Gazetakrakowska

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