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Electric vehicle charging stations are increasing in Turkey

Berkan Bayram, President of the Turkish Electric and Hybrid Vehicles Association (TEHAD), said, “While there was only one charging unit in Turkey in 2011, there are currently 81 charging units in Turkey.” Bayram predicted that by 2030, 7 out of 10 cars in Turkey will be electric.

Interest in electric vehicles has been increasing in the world and in Turkey in recent years. Access to charging stations is important for the widespread use of vehicles.

There are 3,457 charging stations in Turkey. Of these, 818 are charging stations for private use, while 2,639 are open to the public. The number of sockets of these charging stations has reached 4,500.

When we look at the number of electric vehicles in Turkey, it is seen that the highest number of vehicles are located in Istanbul. Istanbul is followed by Ankara and Izmir, respectively. It was seen that the number of electric vehicles in Turkey reached 7 thousand.

The number of electric vehicles is expected to increase with the removal of the domestic car TOGG from the band in 2023.


Berkan Bayram, President of the Turkish Electric and Hybrid Vehicles Association (TEHAD), reminded that the first electric charging unit installation in Turkey was in 2008.

Bayram said, “While there was a charging unit in only one province in Turkey in 2011, there are currently charging units in 81 provinces. Fast charging stations, which we call DC, cover 15 percent of these charging stations.


Noting that Istanbul is the province with the highest number of charging stations, Bayram said, “Istanbul is followed by Ankara and Izmir. We can see that the development of charging stations is increasing in these areas. There are electric charging stations in many shopping malls and hotel car parks in Istanbul. They are divided into two as open to the public and closed to the public. Electric car owners can also install these stations in their own home.


Noting that there are 4,500 sockets in total electric charging stations in Turkey, Bayram said, “A charging station can have more than one socket. More than one vehicle can be charged at the same time, but the power to the vehicle is divided.”

Stating that there are around 2,600 electric charging stations across Turkey, Bayram said, “There are around 600 charging stations in Istanbul. There are 300 charging stations in Ankara and İzmir each. There are approximately 200 stations in Bursa. We can say that there are about 100 stations in Antalya and its region.”

Stating that there are not enough incentives for electric charging stations, Bayram said that if charging stations can enter the incentive area, their number could increase much more. Bayram stated that with the increase in electric vehicle sales, charging stations will be needed.


“There is an electric vehicle market reaching 7 thousand units in Turkey. There was an electric car market, which reached 1.5 million units all over Europe last year,” Bayram said.

“We have a serious opportunity ahead of us. It is much more when Turkey can advance in terms of electromobility. In this sense, TOGG will set out at the right time with the right strategy. By 2030, 7 out of every 10 cars on the road in Turkey will be electric cars.” (İHA)


Source From: Sozcu

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