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Coilover suspension – how does it work?

Car tuning can be divided into two very different categories. The first of them is pseudo-tuning, which consists only in giving the car an attractive appearance, without affecting the driving elements. True tuning is, among other things, engine modifications, but above all, the proper setting of the car’s suspension. The threaded suspension makes you feel the advantages of a tuned car.

Coilover suspension is one of the elements of car tuning. Its use makes it possible to lower the suspension. Thanks to this treatment, the car looks more attractive, and besides, its traction is significantly improved. Thanks to threading, the suspension can be adjusted, and in more technically advanced models it is also possible to modify the suspension stiffness setting. The suspension can be lowered by pneumatic or hydraulic method. However, these methods are much more expensive and do not have a good effect on the stiffness of the suspension, unlike the threaded suspension method.

What is a coilover suspension?

Construction of the threaded suspension is quite simple. It is built with four spring elements, which consist of a spring and a shock absorber mounted in its center. On the outside of the shock absorber there is a thread that distinguishes the coilover suspension from the classic suspension. Such a kit comes with plates and nuts that allow you to move the springs to adjust the suspension. A special wrench is also required to make this adjustment.

To adjust the suspension, lift the car on the side you want to correct. After removing the wheels, you need to set one nut at the appropriate height for our needs and counter it with the second nut, of course using a special wrench. After putting the wheel on, you can assess whether this was the effect. If not, the operation must be repeated. A very important element of the assembly of the threaded suspension is placement of struts in the front and rear of the vehicle. Thanks to this, not only the suspension, but also the body of the car will work. Forgetting about the struts, we run the risk of cracks appearing on the weld of the sheet, and even cracking of the glass.

Coilover suspension – what makes it stand out?

Adjustable suspension above all makes it possible reducing the clearance between the car chassis and the road. Thanks to this, the center of gravity is shifted, and the car is characterized by much greater grip. It’s also much easier to drive.

Another element is the appearance of the vehicle. The low suspension and wide rims make the car look extremely attractive. And it is the owners of vehicles with large rims who most often decide on coilover suspension. Without this procedure, a large space appears in the car between the wheel and the wheel arch, which does not look very impressive. Only after using a lowered suspension, you can enjoy the eye-catching appearance of the car.

Threaded suspension – installation cost

Coilover suspension is not a cheap car element – it can be expensive even tens of thousands of zlotys. To this must be added the costs of assembly, and even for an experienced mechanic it is a laborious activity. This is because most cars need to be modified, because the threaded spring rarely fits perfectly on the factory car and modifications are necessary.

The total cost of such a car tuning can reach up to 30,000. zloty. After installing the threaded suspension, the car gets completely different parameters. First of all, threaded columns are much lighter than classic ones (up to about 40%). The undoubted advantage of their lower weight is a better reaction of the suspension to road conditions, as well as a better so-called. driver’s sense of the road. In addition, the very possibility of adjusting the suspension allows you to adjust its operation to the conditions of the surface on which the vehicle will be moving.

Suspension threading – is it worth investing in?

Coilover suspension is one of the basic elements of car tuning. However, as it was written above – it is a very expensive element. Therefore, the decision on such a modification should be made after very deep consideration.

The coilover suspension is though the domain of sports cars. In ordinary vehicles moving in the city or on the road, such an expense will certainly not pay off. What gives a coilover suspension is best used over time very dynamic driving – The car handles better when cornering sharply. In addition, the vehicle reacts faster to steering inputs, and the shifted center of gravity gives a large and powerful driving experience. However, the travel comfort itself is significantly limited. Especially due to the poor condition of Polish roads, driving on a hard suspension can be very strenuous. The high sensitivity of the vehicle with threaded suspension to road conditions causes a very strong feeling in the vehicle of moving through all kinds of holes, faults or ruts.

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