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Fuel. An electrician remains the cheapest, although its purchase is more expensive than cars using other fuels

Gas? Diesel? Or maybe an electrician? We present the real costs of purchasing and operating three CDs from one manufacturer, which are powered by different power sources.

In June, the European Parliament voted to limit the emission limit and stop the sale of cars with internal combustion engines in the EU after 2035. Does this mean the end of the era of cars with internal combustion engines? Rather yes, although for 13 years we will still have the comfort of choosing the source of the drive. So let’s try to answer the question: what to choose to lose as little as possible? Gasoline, diesel or maybe “electric”?

We present a comparison of the costs of purchasing and operating three new compact cars from one manufacturer, powered by petrol, diesel and electricity. If we took the list of the most popular new cars in Poland as a reference point, we would rather choose an SUV or a crossover for comparison, not a compact car.

Toyota, Kia, Škoda and Hyundai occupy the top positions in the ranking of the most frequently purchased cars in Poland. So why did we choose Volkswagen, which ranks further down in fifth place? Well, Toyota and its Korean competitors have already withdrawn diesel engines from the compact segment, while the concern from Wolfsburg still offers them. In addition, the only 100% electric SUV in the market leader’s range, the bZ4X is available as a subscription only, while the comparable size RAV4 is only offered as a hybrid or petrol engine.

Source From: Gazetakrakowska

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