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Car repair after a collision. The average cost of repair and the biggest unlucky among brands and models

I think everyone is aware that the more expensive the car, the more expensive its post-accident repairs. But how does it look in terms of individual brands and models? carVertical experts analyzed two million of their used car damage reports. They noted the monetary value of these damages and calculated averages for each brand. They also checked which brands and models from the database had the most damage on their account, i.e. accidents, collisions or collisions.

It’s no secret that exclusive cars are more expensive to repair than popular ones. But it seems quite interesting to compare average prices. The highest average value of damage in the carVertical database was reported by brands such as Ferrari (€94,149) and Lamborghini (€64,608). Meanwhile, the average damage value for Volkswagen cars is €3,539 and for Toyota €3,011. The research also established a global average damage value of €3,574. This gives us a reference point.

Note that the high average damage value can be interpreted in two ways. Either it means that the repair itself is expensive, or that the typical damage for the brand was very serious.

“In terms of claims costs, incidents involving supercars are on a completely different level. Even a minor scratch can cost a fortune. So it’s no surprise that Ferrari and Lamborghini are at the top of our list.” – Matas Buzelis, head of communications at carVertical.

carVertical experts searched the reports for damage annotations. It turned out that as many as 74.3% of checked Tesla history reports had such an entry and an attached cost estimate. It was followed by Hyundai (69.1%) and Subaru (68.7%). At the opposite extreme were Renault (40.8%), Alfa Romeo (40%) and Fiat (39.5%).

These statistics can be interpreted in many ways. It is very likely that, for example, each Tesla damage ends with a visit to a specialist service center and this is meticulously recorded. And in the case of Fiat – the brand with the lowest percentage in the carVertical ranking (39.5%) – it can be assumed, for example, that users settle claims at a lower cost in small workshops, often without compensation and no trace in the documentation. But of course, that’s just one option.

Source From: Gazetakrakowska

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