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Positive first results from the transformation of Astypalaia into a Smart and sustainable island

In total, users of the “astyMOVE” ecosystem traveled more than 150,000 km in Volkswagen electric cars

THE KOSMOCAR, as a representative of VW and supporting the transformation of Astypalaia into a smart island that includes new transportation services and the application of the “astyMOVE” ecosystem presented the first results from the new project in the context of tourism World Travel Market exhibition in London at an event held at the stand of the Hellenic Tourism Organization in the presence of the public and the leadership of the Ministry of Tourism and the EOT.

Today, the pioneering program “Astypalaia – Smart and sustainable island”, now in its second year of implementation, aims to improve the lives of residents through the transformation of Astypalaia into a model of green mobility and circular economy, both in terms of transportation as well as in the energy production sector.

Among other things, it includes the vehicle sharing function “astyGO” in combination with the shuttle service “ASTYBUS – with the coordination of Kosmocar and exclusively through electric vehicles – services that enhance the needs of movement on the island, and which can be carried out easily and simply way through the innovative application “astyMOVE”.

The presentation of the Astypalaia program in the context of the World Travel Market tourism exhibition, attracted the interest of the global community as one of the most exciting projects of sustainable transformation, at the same time promoting Greece as a sustainable tourist destination

The results of the first application period of the transportation ecosystem, from June to September 2022, demonstrated the universal acceptance of the services, both by the island’s visitors and mainly by the permanent residents, highlighting in practice the need to improve the way of transportation in the Astypalea. It is characteristic that the application “astyMOVE” already has 1,900 approved and active users with more than 7,000 downloads.

It is characteristic that the electric vehicles of the “ASTYBUS” service traveled 138,900 km within 4 months, making 21,798 trips in the same period. Also, it is particularly important that the 22% of the permanent residents of Astypalaia used the “ASTYBUS”, which also highlights the acceptance of the local community within the first 4 months of operation of the application.

At the same time, almost 500 trips were made with the electric vehicles of the “astyGO” service with 1.2 users per day per vehicle to “share” them, implementing the vehicle sharing model in Astypalaia.

Overall, the users of the ecosystem “astyMOVE” they went through more than 150,000 km with Volkswagen electric cars, movements that would be equivalent to a burden of 18 tons of CO2 if carried out with cars with internal combustion engines (m.o. 120 g / km).

Source: tanea

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