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The car broke into pieces near Nowy Sącz. The injured driver was taken by an LPR helicopter

In Podrzecze, a town near Nowy Sącz, a passenger car ran off the road, hit a concrete culvert and literally broke into pieces. A seriously injured driver, who was recovered from the wreckage by firefighters, was taken to hospital by an LPR helicopter. We know more details about the accident.

According to senior brigadier Paweł Motyka, the city commander of the State Fire Service in Nowy Sącz, it is rare for an accident to disintegrate a car that has not collided head-on with another vehicle. Unfortunately, this happened on the morning of Wednesday, September 22, 2022, in Podrzecze, Podegrodzie commune

The alarm about the macabre-looking accident on the Podegrodzie bypass was received seven minutes before seven in the morning by the duty officer of the Rescue Coordination Station. There the passenger car left the busy road connecting Chełmiec with Gołkowice.

Seat Leon, with the registration numbers of the Nowy Sącz poviat (KNS), hit the concrete culvert in a roadside ditch head-on. The car shattered and shattered to pieces, and the force of the impact scattered them a considerable distance. The elements of the front suspension with one wheel were back on the road. The engine of the vehicle was also far from the shattered body.

Source From: Gazetakrakowska

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