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A toddler who is 38 years old with a family history in the background. “I was surprised when I was driving on the expressway”

September 22, 2022 is the 22nd anniversary of the end of Fiat 126p production in Poland. This date, full of symbols and magic, was specially awarded by the OTOMOTO brand. It is on this day that a new advertising spot of the online classifieds website has its premiere. The protagonists of the material from the “True Stories” series are Marcin Korczak-Żydaczewski and his extraordinary toddler.

38-year-old Fiat 126p is racing on Polish roads

Marcin Korczak-Żydaczewski drove up to the Dzień Dobry TVN studio toddler from 1984to show viewers how great this little car with a great soul is performing. The car has been in the possession of our guest’s family since its inception.

– It was bought by my grandfather almost 40 years ago. Mileage 38 thousand kilometers. (…) These are stories related to my family, my wife’s family and now my story, because I am always connected with this car – our interlocutor says.

The owner of the vehicle ensures that the Fiat 126p can still move on the streets and arouse great emotions in other road users. Mr. Marcin’s toddler undergoes regular technical inspections, and the condition of the vehicle is in line with the approval.

– Even when I went to the studio here, people in the traffic jam “gave me likes” or looked at me in surprise. I think the biggest surprise was when I was driving on the expressway. Cars were passing me faster and slowing down to watch someone do in such a small car – says the man.

“Real stories” – OTOMOTO starts with a new spot

The extraordinary story of Mr. Marcin would not have been presented if it were not for the watchful eye of specialists from OTOMOTO. Agnieszka Czajka, a representative of this popular advertising website, mentioned the idea that the brand she represents in front of the cameras of Dzień Dobry TVN. I am talking about the materials cycle “True stories”.

OTOMOTO finds interesting ads published on the platform, learns about the stories of car owners and disseminates them. In this way, cars rise to the rank of personified heroes.

– This is the third edition of “True Stories”. These are not the stories of cars, but the people behind these stories: family emotions, a lot of emotions – our interviewee comments.

The expert adds that the value of vehicles similar to the one owned by Mr. Marcin is constantly growing, because the interest of fans of such old cars is still high.

– Cars, especially those like Mr. Marcin, who is 40 years old, has low mileage and is kept in original parts, can be an investment – Agnieszka Czajka realizes.

Haven’t you watched Dzień Dobry TVN on air? You can find the full episodes on the Player platform.

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Source From: Dziendobry

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