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DACIA MANIFESTO: The waterproof beast that goes everywhere

It is waterproof, has all the comforts for camping and is electric.

Dacia seems to be bypassing the discarded line and entering design paths that we are not used to. The Manifesto, as he calls it, seems to have “escaped” from a science fiction film, starring the design “platform” of buggy, intended for driving in difficult conditions. The Manifesto was presented by the Romanian brand, which impressed both with the absence of doors and windows and with the fact that it has only one lighting body – being monocular but with Led technology. It also has roof bars, which are also removable, while the four-wheel “package” is completed by the all-terrain tires, which provide even more ground clearance. The goal of the new Manifesto is to “pass” obstacles with ease, with steep gradients on mountain slopes as well as on sand dunes. And because it is “exposed”, its interior is offered with waterproof materials, while the seats can be removed and used as sleeping bags.

THE Dacia chose so that the familiar multimedia system does not dominate the dashboard inside, since the role of this is taken over by the mobile smartphone, which is connected to the driver’s entry into the driving position and displays all the useful functions – that he would also see on the dashboard – on its screen. The company did not give further details about the technical “nature” of the model, only that it is electric. Also, its batteries will be removable, so that its owner can – if he travels to difficult places and wants to spend the night camping – be able to use them as electricity providers.

Particular emphasis was also placed on the materials used by Manifesto, which is mostly made from recyclable materials. In particular, a large part of the car uses Dacia’s recycled plastic with the name Starkle. It is plastic from garbage that has been compressed and recycled and is also a component in the upcoming Dacia Duster. On a practical level, it offers a large cup holder inside, in which the owner can place up to a utensil. Overall, the Manifesto reflects a future escape car with an enhanced role, as it will offer solutions, for those who love escapes and adventurous driving on …out of civilization paths.

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