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Replacing tires with winter ones – where is it an obligation? What are the recommendations in Poland?

Most drivers in Poland will soon replace their summer tires with winter tires. Some will do it for their own comfort and safety, others will have to do so from November 1. Check the details.

Are winter tires mandatory in Poland?

Winter tires are the basis for safe driving in winter on roads in Poland and other European countries. The tires are the only contact surface between the car and the road on which it moves. No automatic systems can help us in a dangerous skid situation, like a tire with proper grip. In Poland, however, there is still no obligation to replace tires with winter ones. It is only recommendation.

Winter tires compulsory in other European countries

In some European countries, however, replacing tires before winter is a legal obligation – drivers have to change them from November 1. This is the case, among others. in Austria, France, Italy, Croatia, Montenegro, Czech Republic, Estonia (from December 1). Therefore, also drivers from Poland who are going to these countries have to change tires.

Winter tires should be marked with M + S, MS, M&S or the alpine symbol 3PMSF. This means that many countries also accept the latest generation of all-season tires.

When to change from summer to winter tires?

We have covered this question in detail in a separate article. In short, the most important criterion is the weather conditions. It is recommended to change to winter tires when the average temperature drops below 7 ° C. Many people follow the rule “from October to Easter” or “from the first snow”.

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