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DS7. Not quite new yet, but newer. DS7 after facelift

The DS Automobiles brand is one of the youngest in the world. Separated in 2014 from Citroen, it is to deliver cars to the market that bring something more to the user than just the ability to move from point A to B. DS journeys are to take place in an atmosphere of comfort and style, to which, as is known, sensitive automotive aesthetes are known to be . Also, those who look at DS cars from the outside can also taste at least the feeling of surprise that someone still cares about the car not only driving, but also looking. This was what the DS7 Crossback was like, and so it is in the rejuvenated version of the DS7.

The DS7 Crossback model, known for five years, has just been refreshed and now has a shorter designation, simply DS7. There were several reasons for a facelift. The most important was, of course, the need to make the appearance more attractive and thus maintain the interest of potential customers and by enriching the set of systems available in this model, supporting the driver, among others. in safe driving, as well as increasing the comfort of traveling.

While the DS7 Crossback was still visually appealing, DS Automobiles was asked the question – why not make it even more appealing? The answer to this question is the new look of the front of the car and the resulting, among others, new lighting options (Pixel Led Vision 3.0). It is precisely the different look of the daytime running lights (DS Light Veil) that makes it easier to recognize the latest incarnation of the DS flagship SUV. At the rear, the headlamp covers with a fish-scales texture and the words “DS AUTOMOBILES” on the tailgate.

The offer includes two so far known plug-in hybrids with 225 hp (only front-wheel drive) and 300 hp (4 x 4). The DS7 is also still available with a 1.6 liter diesel engine with 130 hp.

In addition to the above-mentioned drives, we now have a third, new, top variant of the PHEV hybrid with 360 HP and 520 Nm of torque in this model. It is the same powertrain that we have met so far, for example in Peugeot 508 PSE. All wheels are driven in this version. There is, of course, no mechanical shaft between the axles, as the rear wheels are driven by a second electric motor mounted at the rear of the body.

The 360-hp plug-in hybrid has, in addition to two electric units and a 1.5 l / 200 hp gasoline engine, also a 14.2 kWh battery that allows for up to 60 km in city traffic using only the electricity stored in it. It is worth noting that this PHEV version generates as much as 520 Nm of maximum torque, which allows it to accelerate to 100 km / h in 5.6 seconds. For an SUV and weighing almost two tons, dynamics worthy of a sports car.

Technologies now used in the DS7 ensure the comfort and peace of mind of the driver and passengers. This is due to the DS Active Scan Suspension and DS Night Vision systems. The first one is … a camera-controlled suspension. It independently manages the work of each of the wheels, suppressing all unevenness of the road. In the second system, an infrared camera monitors the road and roadsides, detecting cyclists, pedestrians and animals within 100 m. The relevant information in the form of an icon then appears on the screen. There are also driver health systems and the level 2 semi-autonomous driving system. It can stop the car and start again without the driver’s participation, and also keeps the vehicle within the lane limits.

During the journalistic presentation, we had the opportunity to drive a top hybrid. Rides took place mainly on the winding local roads of the south of France. There were also motorway sections. The DS7 E-Tense 360 ​​HP is best when you need to accelerate short stretches and slow down sharply before bends. The automatic transmission (8-speed) and the drive in Sport mode (there are also Hybrid and Electric), then they get along well and driving can be a real pleasure. It is also good on the highway, but in these conditions the power unit works best when, for example, you need to overtake someone quickly. Well, because what a new impression can driving fast, where the regulations and conditions allow. Good soundproofing of the interior prevents the transmission of too many noise of the drive operation.

Source From: Gazetakrakowska

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