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A collision of a truck with a passenger car blocked the mountain section of DK 28 near Nowy Sącz

The section of the national road No. 28 between Limanowa and Nowy Sącz was blocked on Monday morning by a serious accident in Trzetrzewina. On the serpentines, leading the steep mountain slope, a small passenger car collided with a large truck.

The section of the national road No. 28 between Limanowa and Nowy Sącz is called by drivers a sequence of steep climbs and descents as well as sharp turns. It was in one of these dangerous places on Monday, September 19, 2022, a very dangerous-looking accident happened.

In Trzetrzewin, in the Chełmiec commune, a small kia ceed car with the registration numbers of the Brzesko poviat (KBR) collided with a large Volvo truck with the registration of Nowy Sącz (KN). The effects looked very dangerous.

The alarm about an unpleasant event that blocked a very busy road in Trzetrzewina arrived at 9.40 to the officer on duty at the Rescue Coordination Post of the State Fire Service in Nowy Sącz. The forces from the Fire and Rescue Unit No. 1 of the State Fire Service in Nowy Sącz started the action. The friends from the Volunteer Fire Department in Krasne Potocki were also sent there. The village bordering on Trzetrzewina. An ambulance of the Rescue Service also came to help.

Source From: Gazetakrakowska

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