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Cracow. An important exit road from the city is undergoing renovation. There will be difficulties

Pasternik is the exit street from the city. It is not an ordinary city street, but also a national road No. 7. This opened the door to finding money for its renovation. Good, but it should be noted that the renovation will start at the already dug up north of Krakow (Opolska, 29 November), and also after the holidays, when drivers return to the city.

There will be no raises or additional benefits for employees

I am talking about PLN 1.7 million. Such money for the renovation of Pasternik Street was included in the general subsidy reserve for 2022 created in the state budget. There are funds, inter alia, for the renovation of national roads within the city limits with poviat rights. The remaining amount of approximately PLN 2.1 million, necessary for the renovation, will be provided by the city.

Pasternik Street will be renewed on the section from ul. Ojcowska to ul. Stary Dąb (city border). Road workers will replace the asphalt along its entire length. They will also take care of curbs where necessary. Additionally, three bus bays will be renovated.

The first preparatory work in the field will start next week. The city has not yet stated what traffic disruptions and changes will result in the works, but it is certain that this will happen.

Source From: Gazetakrakowska

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