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Minimum wage. Are you earning the minimum wage? Check what car you can afford

2-year Insignia plus a loan for 5 years – a person who earns the “national minimum” after the raise and needs a car “for now” can afford such a car. It is a rescue option rather than an attractive offer. An alternative may be putting off for a few years on a car costing 10-15 thousand. PLN – Carsmile and otomoto click analysts estimate. The minimum wage went up sharply, but so did car prices.

The echoes of the significant increase in the minimum wage that the government “gave” to Poles remain. From January 2023 it will increase to PLN 3,490 gross, and from July it will increase to PLN 3,600 gross. This means an increase in the minimum wage by as much as PLN 500 compared to 2022. The increase in salary twice in one year is due to the level of inflation – when it exceeds 5%, the government introduces two increases. Let us remind you that the minimum wage is the LOWEST ALLOWABLE WAGE that can be paid to the employee for the performance of the employment contract.

Due to the problem of the so-called transport exclusion (lack of access to public transport), which affects, according to various estimates, even several million Poles living in small towns, Carsmile analysts checked whether a person earning the LOWEST salary PERMITTED BY LAW has a chance for their own car. The employee has two ways to get his own means of transport. He can save a certain amount from his salary every month and wait until the accumulated savings allow him to buy a modest vehicle. Having a permanent source of income, he can also take out a loan from a bank and use the car immediately.

How does it look in practice? – Today, a used car costs an average of approx. 34.4 thousand. zloty. Just a year ago, it was 26.7 thousand. PLN, because used cars became very expensive – admits Arkadiusz Zaremba, Managing Director of the Otomoto Klik platform. If someone wanted to raise for an average car, earning the national minimum (about PLN 2700 net in 2023) and were ready to put aside purely theoretically ALL (!) Earned money for this purpose, he would have to work for over a year. If he put aside every fifth zloty he earned, it would take him, at current car prices, a little over 5 years, estimates Carsmile. It does not make much sense when the car is needed “for now”.

Source From: Gazetakrakowska

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