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Cracow. Traffic on ul. Opolska already superior. Changes also due to the construction of the tram line

Emergency works on the viaduct along Opolska and Lublańska Streets are in progress. Traffic organization changes. After the works on the southern road were completed, the teams of workers moved to the northern road. The right lane of this road is now closed (towards Modlniczka). Traffic will be led along the left lane. The repair will last until Thursday (September 22) at 14.

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Let us remind you. September 15, 2022 – Due to the failure of the dilatation of the viaduct over al. 29 Listopada along the following streets: Opolska-Lublańska – the right lane of the southern roadway (towards Nowa Huta) has been closed from the invasion of the flyover along ul. Opolska to the exit along ul. Ljubljana. A second lane was available for drivers. Now this traffic system has been changed.

The contractor of the KST line to Górka Narodowa begins works related to the reconstruction of parts of ul. Zielińska at the crossing with Pachońskiego. This will cause changes in the traffic organization. The works will be carried out outside of the rush hour.

As part of this stage of works, the contractor will commence the reconstruction of the pavement on the eastern side of ul. Zielińska (at the height of the pharmacy) and the construction of the central island before the crossing with Pachońskiego. Therefore, from September 26, from 8.30 am, it will be necessary to occupy a part of the road and the entire width of the pavement. In the place of the narrowing, the traffic will be directed by authorized construction workers. Moved pedestrian traffic will take place under the supervision of authorized construction workers.

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Source From: Gazetakrakowska

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