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Driving a trailer: What you need to watch out for to keep your head calm

Driving in the summer draws even more attention from drivers, especially those who take their caravan or boat with them.

Even heavier are the weights for the drivers, who are currently towing a boat, a caravan or a simple luggage trailer. The way of driving changes, as the speeds are significantly reduced, the road behavior of the vehicle changes significantly – since it is significantly affected by the trailer – while the brakes, shock absorbers and other mechanical parts are called to … take the chestnuts out of the fire!

So, connoisseurs may know the new rules behind the wheel, when the car from five meters in length … is launched by placing a boat at ten meters, but young people should be introduced to the secrets of driving, before still embark on a long journey with several rehearsals and some important tips.

CONTROL IN THE TRAILER: So, the first and most important thing is to check the trailer, which will lift the weight of the extra luggage, a boat, etc. It is obligatory to check the tires, the rear lights if they work, the condition of the shock absorbers and anything else indicated by the manufacturer or if there is no manual for … sailors, to seek the advice of a specialist who trailer trailers. Golden tip, the user to know the weights that can tow his car, in order to comply with the law and road safety rules.

TIE AND LEAVE: Before each route, you should check the condition of the towbar, if it is properly secured, while, on the trailer, do not leave missed and uninsured items, which can escape and even cause an accident. Here, the secure fastening with straps plays a leading role in the preparation and before we start the journey. Also, during the towing, the tire pressures in the car change, when they are towing a trailer (a vulcanizer specialist will answer your questions). To keep your head calm, always read your car manual to make sure of the maximum towing weight of your vehicle. Important: Load the trailer evenly, without throwing unequal weight with objects on one side only. Also, the maximum gross weight of the trailer must be clearly indicated on a plate attached to the trailer.


Driving with the trailer has its own rules with the counter its limits. For this reason, the speeds are now limited, when we are towing a trailer. Whether it is a trailer with luggage, or we are towing a boat, there are specific rules and the KOK stipulates the speeds that must be observed (in any case they do not exceed 80-100km / h, depending on the type of tow). And always in the right lane, when we go out on the highways. Irregularities may cause you trouble in the event of an accident, since the insurance companies will not cover you in case it is found that you did not follow the rules provided by the KOK.

Be very careful with me the side winds, which make the loads of the towed vehicles even more prone. The brakes should be used with … religious reverence. The driver should keep long distances, brake gradually, not “tire” the braking system – to avoid any unwanted overheating of the brakes that will lead to reduced performance – and use on downhill routes the “cut” of speed and gearbox gears where required.

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