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A collision of three passenger cars near Limanowa

As many as three passenger cars were wrecked when in the village of Pisarzowa in the Limanowa commune, the Opel suddenly turned into the opposite lane. The firefighters undertook the rescue operation. The ambulance of the Rescue Service and police cars also arrived at the site of the road collision.

The road leading through Pisarzowa in the Limanowa commune is very busy and it was from there, around 15.30, the emergency services were notified of a dangerous looking collision involving three passenger cars.

As it turned out during the preliminary findings, the perpetrator of this misfortune was most likely the person driving the Opel Vectra car, because this vehicle suddenly moved to the opposite lane. There it collided with BMW and Peugeot cars.

Crashed passenger cars as well as rescue service vehicles blocked the road. Its full passability was restored only after several dozen minutes.

According to the information provided by the emergency services, none of the people driving cars participating in the carambola in Pisarzowa stay for longer treatment in the hospital.

The services remind you to create a corridor of life in such conditions, which will facilitate the possible passage of emergency services.

Are you witnessing road difficulties? Please let us know! We will inform others. We are waiting for information, photos and videos!


Source From: Gazetakrakowska

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