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A dangerous collision of passenger cars on the main road in the Dunajec valley

On the provincial road No. 969, which runs along the Dunajec valley, connecting Nowy Sącz with Nowy Targ, a serious accident happened on Friday. In the collision, two passenger cars from the Nowosądecki and Limanowski poviats crashed, and a very busy communication route was blocked. Firemen conducted a difficult rescue operation.

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Author: Dzień Dobry TVN, x-news

The Opel insignia with the registration numbers of the Limanowa poviat (KLI) and the Ford Cmax with the registration numbers of the Nowy Sącz poviat (KNS) collided in Łąck on the provincial road No. 969, which, running along the Dunajec valley, connects Nowy Sącz with Nowy Targ.

The alert about this unpleasant road incident reached the officer on duty at the Coordination of the Rescue Service of the State Fire Service in Nowy Sącz, twenty-three minutes before noon on Friday, November 5, 2021. The person conveying the message was not able to determine how many people may be injured and require assistance medical.

As the accident happened in Łąck, the closest friends from the local Volunteer Fire Department were the closest to the place where two passenger cars collided. There is also the Sądecki Ambulance Service Substation in Łąck, so also the medical ambulance did not have to cover a considerable distance.

The troops from the Fire and Rescue Unit No. 2 of the Fire Fighting Service in Nowy Sącz were also sent to Łąck, but they needed a lot of time to reach the action site to cover the distance of about 20 km.

According to the on-duty officer of the Municipal Police Headquarters in Nowy Sącz, none of the people traveling by cars involved in the accident in Łąck are undergoing prolonged treatment in the hospital.

The causes and circumstances of the accident are determined by the police.

The services remind you to create a corridor of life in such conditions, which will facilitate the possible passage of emergency services.

Are you witnessing road difficulties? Please let us know! We will inform others. We are waiting for information, photos and videos!


Source From: Gazetakrakowska

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