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Cracow. Great concreting on the Vistula River. This is another important stage in the construction of railway bridges [ZDJĘCIA]

The contractors poured concrete over the river span of the third railway bridge under construction there. There will also be space for pedestrians and cyclists.

FLESZ – The longest tunnel in Poland is ready

– Currently, contractors are working on the construction of two bridges in parallel. The middle crossing is already concrete. The structure of the arches is formed. The entire bridge will be ready in a few months. On the other hand, the works on the last building, the one with a section for pedestrians and cyclists, are being carried out on the current span. Yesterday it was concreted. The remaining spans will be built next year, informs Piotr Hamarnik from PKP Polskie Linie Kolejowe.

The construction of railway bridges in Kraków is carried out under the project “Works on the E30 railway line on the Kraków Główny Towarowy – Rudzice section, including the construction of the agglomeration line tracks”. This is an investment for over PLN 1 billion. One bridge has already been built – the first one from the side of the Kotlarski Bridge. A middle bridge is being built and located closer to the Old Town, on which concrete has just been poured. The Grzegórzki-Zabłocie footbridge is also being built within this facility. The last railway bridge with the footbridge is to be ready in the second half of next year.

As part of the project “Works on the E 30 railway line on the Kraków Główny Towarowy – Rudzice section along with the extension of the agglomeration line tracks”, among others, railway flyovers between ul. Copernicus and Miodowa. Thanks to the bridges and flyovers, trains will be able to run on an additional pair of tracks designated for the connections of the agglomeration railway.


Source From: Gazetakrakowska

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