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Tunnels, bridges, roads. This is how the northern bypass of Krakow is built. When will we take a new road? Latest AERIAL PHOTOS 06.11

The construction of the northern bypass of Kraków (Junction Modlnica – Junction Kraków Mistrzejowice), a section of the S52 express road, which will close the ring around the city, is underway. The drivers are waiting impatiently for the works to be completed – this road is to improve the capacity of Krakow’s ever-congested road system. The General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways has published the latest photos from the construction site.

According to GDDKiA construction of the northern bypass of Krakow is to be completed in July 2023. For now, the deadline is not threatened.

Work progress; October 2021 GDDKiA

This huge investment (the cost is almost PLN 1.5 billion) is to ensure a high-class car connection on the northern side of the city, improve driving conditions and relieve Krakow’s 3rd ring road from external traffic (source, destination, transit) as well as internal traffic, which in the future is to improve the capacity of the city’s road system.

The photos show the state of work as of October 2021.

The scope of works related to the construction of POK includes:


Source From: Gazetakrakowska

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