The US allocates $ 14 million for modular reactors in Romania. "An essential step in ensuring energy independence," says Iohannis

The Biden administration together with the American company NuScale Power LLC (Tigard, Oregon) will provide $ 14 million to support engineering and design studies for the implementation by Romania of a plant with SMR technology (Small Modular Reactor, small modular reactors), the first this way, the White House announced on Sunday, according to Agerpres. The announcement was welcomed by President…
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Julia Kamińska heard that she was too fat. "A size 40 star - well, no. 38 maybe more, but 36 is better"

Julia Kamińska gained recognition from a wider audience thanks to the role of Ula Cieplak in the series “BrzydUla”. The multi-talented artist is perfect not only in front of the camera lens or on the stage, but also in the recording studio, where she uses her vocal skills. Although it is hard to believe, the beginning of her career was not easy. In an honest interview for Onet…
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Queue for cheap bread in the AKP stronghold in Konya!

Faced with the economic crisis, the cost of living and rising prices in Turkey, the effects of which are being felt more and more every day, citizens continue to queue for cheap bread in order to bring cheap bread at home. Due to rising costs in Konya, known as the granary…

Quality education for the regions of Antioquia

María José Higuita is 19 years old and lives in Apartadó, in Urabá, Antioquia; Andrés Otálvaro is 31 and lives in La Pintada, in the Southwest region. Both, without knowing each other, are united by a purpose: to study and provide a better future for their…

Energy crisis tests the determination of countries in climate matters

One of the G7 climate commitments is to limit global temperature rise to 1.5 degrees and achieve carbon neutrality by 2050. /iStock Photo: mikyso Forced not to use Russian gas, the G7 industrialized powers are under pressure to keep their climate commitments, during their summit in Germany, amid the specter of a return to the most polluting fossil fuels. Host of the summit organized starting…
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"Grand Slam" judo: Russian heavyweights tore opponents on the tatami

The first qualifying tournament for the Olympic Games ended in Ulaanbaatar Today, one hand is enough to list the sports in which our athletes are admitted to international starts in one form or another with various reservations. And judo, as the international federation proclaimed, is “the sport of peace, unity and friendship.” And it was this federation that was not afraid to…
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