Honduran judge orders capture of former president Hernández, extradition request | news today

Thus, heavily guarded, was the residential area where the former president of Honduras lives in Tegucigalpa. Photo: Gustavo Amador a judge of Honduras ordered the capture of the former president John Orlando Hernandezrequested in extradition by the United States, according to information from AFP. Just this Tuesday it was known that U.S Honduras requested the extradition of Hernández, who…
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Prepare pork rinds with your air fryer in 20 minutes

Prepare pork rinds with your air fryer in 20 minutes Photo: Pexels With the advancement of technology and the advent of air fryer to kitchen utensils, everything is faster and easier. You can read: Very easy! Prepare Banana with Sandwich and Cheese in the Air Fryer We…

Cristina Hurtado reveals details of the day of her delivery

Cristina Hurtado’s pregnancy was one of the most notorious of 2021. Through her social networks, the former presenter of Warriors published the details of how she lived this stage, after her second motherhood, 16 years ago. The paisa assured that the arrival of her third child was like starting over. It may interest you: This is the first photo of the third child of Cristina Hurtado and…
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Health & Fitness

Eight out of ten Colombians have a dose of vaccine against covid-19: Ministry of Health | news today

By February 13, 32,775,467 Colombians already had the complete vaccination schedule against covid-19. Photo: Oscar Perez The Ministry of Health reported that Colombia achieved that 80% of the Colombian population has at least one dose of vaccination against him covid-19. “Now the goal is for people to complete their schemes, a figure that is 64%, so we invite all Colombians to go to the…
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DAOs provide excellent experience for a career in the cryptosphere

Decentralized Autonomous Organizations or DAOs are increasingly used by cryptosphere projects for the execution of certain delegated tasks. Their mode of operation has also favored a massive influx of job seekers into the industry. The latter use it in particular to acquire a solid experience that can allow them to claim well-paid positions in the cryptosphere. An alternative to traditional…
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