The West postponed the steepest “nominal” sanctions against Russia for later

The expert assessed new possible economic restrictions after a special military operation The leaders of the EU countries agreed on new sanctions against Russia, which will affect the financial sector, energy and transport sector of our country. What else can Europe come up with as an economic blow to our country, Mikhail Belyaev, candidate of economic sciences, financial analyst, tried to…
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Ukraine and geopolitics of bitcoin (BTC)

After waiting eight years for Ukraine to implement the Minsk agreements, Vladimir Putin has finally lost his patience in the face of NATO’s gossip and arrogant threats. From the Minsk agreements to today The Minsk protocol was aimed at ending the war resulting from…

Ukraine under attack: radiation indicators cause concern in Chernobyl | news today

In early February, the Ukrainian armed forces held training exercises in Pripyat, a ghost town in the Chernobyl exclusion zone. Photo: AFP Agency The Government of Ukraine maintained this Friday that it had registered worrying levels of radiation in the nuclear power plant of Chernobylin the hands of the Russian army since Thursday, although Moscow assured that everything was under…
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Health & Fitness

Extreme heat days could lead to bigger mental health emergencies

Heat waves are associated with negative feelings, loss of potential work hours and deaths. Photo: Christian Julliard/Flickr There is growing evidence that the effects of climate change not only affect people’s physical health, but also alter their mental health. This is what scientists have tried to determine in recent years. The most recent study, published in the journal Jama…
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Ukraine was given a chance to change the historical process for the benefit of itself, not the West

– Konstantin Ilyich, President Putin, when he announced the start of a special military operation, made a short historical digression regarding our western neighbor. Do you agree with his conclusions? – For me, as a historian, it was very important to hear from the lips of the President of the country an analysis of how the historical situation in Ukraine has developed over the past…
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