NASA attacks: scientists estimate the risk of an asteroid collision with Earth

There is no need to wait for a serious collision in the next hundreds of years The “kamikaze” probe, which is supposed to attack the asteroid, was sent to interplanetary space by SpaceX at the request of NASA. The Falcon 9 launch vehicle, which is supposed to bring the “striker” to the target, which is about hundreds of millions of kilometers from Earth, was launched on…
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Volodin spoke out in support of doctors who turned to anti-vaccines

State Duma Speaker Vyacheslav Volodin commented on the open letter of the chief doctors to the well-known anti-vaccinations, in which they invited opponents of vaccination to visit the “red zones”. He noted that he fully shares the position of doctors. “They are fighting for the lives of patients, they know the real situation – what is happening in the“ red zones ”…
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Altcoins Nov 24, 2021 - Elrond (EGLD) goes down, The Sandbox (SAND) goes up!

Find the new Cointribune cryptocurrency market review. You will learn what has been happening lately and what to expect in the future. If you want to read the previous review, Click here. Index of fear and greed This Wednesday, November 24, the fear and greed index took some uncertain steps towards greed. However, the fear of the market has gone nowhere and the fact that the new day has…
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Setka Cup betting - table tennis tournament

One of the main goals of the tournament is to popularize table tennis as an Olympic sport. Thanks to the video broadcasts on the Internet, the organizers strive to make this sport more attractive to the population. The venue of the competition is announced to the players after the composition of the participants is formed. Format and rules Setka Cup Apply for candidacy to the Grid Cup tournament…
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