If Gediz is sparkling, neither sea lettuce nor mucilage remains.

Unfortunately, the seaweeds that emerged in the Izmir Bay started to spread again after the cleaning works. Especially the seaweeds seen on the shores of İnciraltı worried Çakalburnu Lagoon, where many birds, especially flamingos, live. Sea lettuce can grow excessively with the increase in the amount of nitrogen and phosphorus due to pollution in the water. Of course, reproduction is more…
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Giant asteroid heads towards Earth

What makes Nereus stand out among other asteroids is not its size or the possibility of causing a planetary impact, but its exploration potential, experts report. NTVAccording to the news of ; Because it’s an Apollo-class asteroid, Nereus’ orbit often brings it…

Migrant camp with more than 1,000 people disbanded in France

In the city of Grande-Synthe in the north of France, the camp where more than a thousand immigrants were staying was dispersed, while 663 immigrants were taken to the shelter. In the city of Grande-Synthe, located in the northern Dunquerke region of France, security…
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YouTubers asked the members of the Scientific Committee about the Covid-19 vaccines

According to the statement made by the Ministry of Health, a new project has been implemented in cooperation with the Ministry and YouTube to inform users about Covid-19 vaccines and answer frequently asked questions. Within the scope of the project, YouTube content producers and members of the Coronavirus Science Board came together. Videos were prepared with the theme of “Get Vaccinated…
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Will we have a severe winter? "She will have character"

Winter is fast approaching, and many people are wondering what it will look like. Will it be frosty and the snow will spoil us during the holidays? Tomasz Wasilewski, a climatologist from TVN Meteo, told about it on Dzień Dobry TVN. What will winter 2021 be…

39th Istanbul Film Festival: “My Sister”

Interestingly, films dealing with themes such as death, loss and mourning stand out in this year’s Istanbul Film Festival selection. Aside from “You Will Die At 20”, which even with its name is shaped around this theme, “A Bigger World” (“Un Monde Plus…

Cops racing with patrol cars in Mexico sacked

Mexico’s Rio Grande city government has fired a group of state police officers who raced on the highway with official patrol vehicles during working hours in the city. In the city of Rio Grande, located in the Mexican state of Zacatecas, a group of state police officers held a race on the highway with official patrol vehicles during working hours. While the images of the race of the police…
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'Diving tourism' statement from Minister Ersoy

Minister of Culture and Tourism Mehmet Nuri Ersoy stated that the underwater excavations will be accelerated and brought to tourism, and said, “We will start to explain the routes with the permissions as of 2022. In the coming days, we will add many routes every year, and we will have Turkey written on the name of Turkey, which is among the countries where the world’s leading diving…
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