Higher pensions and life expectancy. New GUS tables published. ZUS explains whether the pension can be increased. How to do it?

Recently, the Central Statistical Office published the latest tables of the Life expectancy table for women and men, which are an important factor in calculating the amount of retirement pension by ZUS. The latest data is more beneficial for seniors, as they can count on higher benefits. As a result, many are requesting a recalculation of their pensions. Often, however, applications are…
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They can work from anywhere in the world. What is the life of Polish nomads like?

A digital nomad is a person who often changes their place of residence and can work from anywhere. What does life on the go look like in practice? We talked about this on Dzień Dobry TVN with Polish nomads: Sylwia Kołpuć, blogger and author of a book about traveling, and Joanna Horanin, an English language trainer. From working in a corporation to being a nomad Sylwia Kołpuć has been…
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Tarnow. Suspected of an attack at a gas station in Żabno during questioning: I did not use a machete or a gas thrower

The police and the prosecutor’s office are explaining the circumstances of the incident at the gas station in Żabno. A video was circulated on the Internet showing a man with gas-thrower objects and a machete attacking one of the cars. The suspect was arrested, admits his guilt, but argues that he had a fire extinguisher and a pipe with him. For some time, a recording has been…
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Health & Fitness

These people should not drink coffee! Make sure you are on the list created by the experts [8.11.21]

Who do experts say should never drink coffee? Although the health benefits of coffee are well known, there are people who not only will not benefit from drinking this drink, but it can even be harmful to them. Watch the video: Food becomes more expensive than predicted. Coffee has a beneficial effect on health as it has numerous healing properties. Drinking coffee has been found to reduce…
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