The most beautiful market in the European capital of Christmas. This is where you can feel the magic of Christmas

Not everyone knows that Strasbourg, located in eastern France, is called the European capital of holidays. It is here that one of the largest and oldest Christmas markets takes place between the first Saturday of Advent and the second day of Christmas. The most beautiful Christmas market Christmas markets have been held in Strasbourg for years. This year, the city spent over half a million…
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Liverpool - The big comeback of Steven Gerrard

Steven Gerrard returns today to Anfield to face Liverpool (17:00) for the first time as an opponent. It became a slogan on the lips of the fans. Kop’s favorite kid on the red podium. He grew up and became a man in Liverpool. He raised Liverpool. It…

Dark clouds did not disperse in Monaco

The uncertainty and mysterious illness of Princess Charlene continue to be talked about in Monaco… Princess Charlene, who has been in Africa for months and has recently returned to Monaco, could not attend her children’s birthday party from her social media account. The mystery and enigma of Princess Charlene continues in the Principality of Monaco… The mysterious illness of…
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Anamaria Prodan, ironies about Laurențiu Reghecampf and Corina Caciuc. The impresario attacks them harshly: "Love comes out of the pores and floods us"

Anamaria Prodan does not refrain after her husband made a pictorial with the woman who is going to make him a father for the third time. The impresario harshly attacked Laurențiu Reghecampf and Corina Caciuc. After the images with Laurențiu Reghecampf and Corina Caciuc appeared in the press at the photo session for Fanatik Magazine, Anamaria Prodan did not refrain. Certainly, the impresario…
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How to save burnt bigos? A trick worth knowing

Bigos is very popular in Polish cuisine. However, its preparation is quite time-consuming and the dish sometimes gets burnt. What to do then? How to save burnt bigos? Christmas is fast approaching. Some people are already looking forward to borscht with dumplings…

Big gap between producer and consumer prices of milk

Although the National Dairy Council has increased the raw milk reference price to 4 liras and 70 cents, intermediaries in Çatalca still collect milk from the producer for 3 liras. When the liter of milk sold in the markets found 15 liras, the producer rebelled by saying “We are working for nothing”. In recent days, the liter price of milk has reached 15 liras in the markets.
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