Friday, January 21, 2022

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Omicron’s effect on children revealed

Ankara University Faculty of Medicine Head of Department of Pediatric Infectious Diseases Prof. Dr. Ergin Çiftçi made statements about the effects of...

He swallowed a cell phone to avoid being caught in a prison call

India TVThe incident in India occurred on January 5 at Tihar Prison in the capital, New Delhi. The suspect, who was on trial...



Tony Watt, whose transfer is on the agenda: ‘If I had chosen money, I would have gone to Turkey’

Tony Watt, who transferred from Motherwell to Dundee United in the Scottish Premier League during the interim transfer period, gave a striking response to...

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Blockchain: Consensus of Nakamoto, guarantor of bitcoin (BTC) and other cryptocurrencies

Without Nakamoto's consensus, we would not have known blockchain. This is why we are giving it an article today, just to give you...

Cryptocurrency mining: A regulator recommends switching to Proof of stake (PoS)

In the European Union area, one of the main financial regulators proposed to prohibit the method of mining of cryptocurrencies based on the system...

Cryptocurrency ban in Russia: What to prepare for?

The Bank of Russia has proposed to ban the use of Russian financial infrastructure to work with digital assets. Find out how this...

Hacking: Even “less sophisticated” malware continues to be effective

Cyberattacks continue to terrorize the crypto space and there is no guarantee that the platform you are a customer of is completely secure. ...

Meta: Imminent arrival of NFT avatars on Facebook and Instagram

Soon, anyone with an NFT avatar will be able to display it on Facebook and Instagram as a profile picture. The possibility of...


Aktaş said that fuel stations are accessible in every part of Turkey in terms of the difficulties experienced on the roads during the winter...


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